FraQ WC System Components

FraQ WC Test System

Using the latest in data acquisition hardware, combined with DiJon's FraQware software, data analysis has never been easier. Specimen dimensions are entered into a dedicated laptop computer, correction factors are calculated and the test is ready to start. Once the test is finished, FraQware guides the operator through the analysis process and then generates a test report, all within 10 minutes. No more guessing where the high and low points are on each unloading-reloading cycle, drawing the ideal release path or the average load line between the ideal elastic release lines. FraQware does it all using the thousands of data point taken during a test.

WEDM Specimen Cutting Fixture

WEDM Specimen Cutting Fixture

DiJon's WEDM Specimen Cutting Fixture is specifically designed for cutting the "chevron-notch" required in the B771 Standard. It is fully adjustable and will fit all major Wire EDM Machines.

Mercury Vacuum pump

Mercury Vacuum Pump

The Mercury Vacuum Pump is for single-point air purging of the FraQ WC Test System. This process eliminates loosening multiple pressure connections during maintenance or when replacing a Flatjack and insures complete removal of air from the Test System.

System Comparison Table

  Fractometer™ FraQ WC
Transducer (load)
Single Point
2,000 psi
Ten Point
(500 psi increments)
None Ten Point
(.001* increments)
Pressure Transducer
1% FS (15 ksi transducer) .5% FS (5 ksi transducer)
Load Displacement
X-Y Recorder
No digital record
Computer — 10 Mhz
sample rate
Specimen Dimension
Correction Factors (Cc)
Technician calculated Computer generated — automatic
KIC Data Analysis Operator Estimated Computer generated
Permanent Test Record X-Y Plot Three digital data files
Re-analyze Data No Yes
Re-enter Specimen Dimensions & Re-analyze No Yes
Chevron-notch Geometry Varies per specimen Each specimen identical*
Air Purging the System Multiple points Single point
Location of Linear Displacement Transducer on the Test Speciment
Varies (LPO)
Identical location for each specimen (LDT)
*Per set-up of the Specimen Cutting Fixture to the WEDM machine.
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