FraQware software is simple to operate and understand. Specimen dimension corrections are automatically calculated as the operator enters the dimensions. FraQware guides the operator through each step of the test so there are no mistakes.

The software also provides re-analysis capability. Specimen measurements can be re-entered and the elastic release lines can be checked or moved to insure proper analysis.

FraQware generates three time-stamped files per test: a .jpg file of the test plot, a .log.txt file of the test results, and a .txt raw data file containing all acquired data points. The raw data file can easily be downloaded into most plotting programs for custom analysis.

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Set-up Screen

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The Set-up screen is for entering the basic perimeters of the test and the specimen dimensions. If the specimen dimensions are out of tolerance, the program will automatically calculate the Correction Factors for the test, based on the ASTM B771 Standard.

Take Data Screen

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Once the Take Data screen is activated and the operator applies pressure to the specimen, FraQware guides the operator through the test according to the ASTM B771 Test Standard.

The Displacement Rate scale at the bottom of the screen provides real time loading rate according to the Standard.

Analyzing Data Screen

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Data Analysis

The Analyze Data screen analyzes the test plot and calculates KDL, Average Pressure, Maximum Pressure, KICSR, and Plasticity.

Analyze Data Screen

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Completed ASTM B771 Test Analysis

Sample Record Screen

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The Sample Record screen allows the technician to make notes about the test and also determines the Crack Overhang Sum, indicating if the test is valid.

The FraQware program produces three time-stamped data files for each test:

  1. .jpeg—Test graph of the test
  2. .log.txt—Test details and results
  3. .txt—Data points taken during the test

Maintenance Screen

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The Maintenance screen provides additional details of the test, plots for displacement and load, plus the test system parameters.