Introducing FraQ WC Test System

DiJon Incorporated manufactures fracture toughness test systems according to ASTM B771 and ASTM E1304 test standards.

Introducing FraQ WC Test System

The FraQ WC Test System (ASTM B771) is the latest generation of a load displacement test systems and is designed and built specifically for testing slotted short rod or short bar fracture toughness of cemented carbides (KlcSR).

Introducing FraQ WT Test System

The FraQ FT Test System (ASTM E1304) is designed and built for plain-strain (chevron-notch) fracture toughness (Klv or Klvm) of metallic materials.

Both FraQ WC and FraQ FT designs are a culmination of DiJon's twenty-five years of experience with these specific types of test equipment as well as other types of test equipment for the oil and gas industry. The design is simple, highly accurate, easy to use and service.

FraQ WC Chevron Notch The FraQ WC test system for measuring fracture toughness in cemented carbides